Alysa Gap vs. Ivana Sugar

Ivana is one tough girl. Even her trainer can’t stop her fierce attack, and he finally collapses below the rain of punches and kicks. Then Ivana turns to her training partner, the pretty Alysa Gap and says: „It’s your turn now!” Nude female bodies collide as the two vixens start their struggle in an intense oily tussle.
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Kerry vs. Mira Cuckold

Pro-wrestler and official Domina Mira Cuckold is not someone you pick on. Still, Kerry was cocky enough to challenge her. Escorted by her brother, she steps on the mat just to be easily girl-handled by Mira. Kerry’s brother couldn’t just stand and watch her sister being beaten, and he steps on the mat too to save her. A big mistake.
Here are the pictures from this fight!

Rio Lee vs. Blue Angel

Rio Lee is an upcumming hottie who’s just entered the biz. She’s surely a new gal on the block and this is her first ever catfight shooting as well. We paired her with miss Blue Angel, who can be fierce as a lioness but cuddly as a cute kittycat at the same time, and you already know how much she loves girls, so you can be sure there’ll be lots of pussymunching going on!
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